League Rules

1. Riders must affiliate to the league to be included within the competition and to score league points.  Entry into the league is advertised on the “Register Here” page. You do not need to be a member of British Cycling to enter the league. We will also accept postal entries, however, we cannot add you to the league until any cheques have cleared, so there may be a delay.

2. Riders will only score points from the date they affiliate to the league.  If a rider affiliates on the day of a race they will score points from that race onwards.

3. Riders do not have to be within the Eastern Region to affiliate or take part in any races in the league.

4. Races designated in this league take place under the rules of their respective governing bodies – British Cycling or Cycling Time Trials.

5. Riders are awarded points for their finishing position in comparison with other affiliated riders and not with their actual finishing position in the race.

6. All WERL riders will be awarded points if they finish the race. If a rider is pulled out from a road race by the Commissaire due to being lapped or too far behind the field, this will still count as a finish.

7. Riders who start a race but do not finish will score 1 point e.g. if you puncture in a time trial or road race, or pull out due to injury.

8. To be eligible for the end of season prizes riders must have participated in at least one league race.

9. In a race riders are awarded WERL points in the order shown below.  Riders finishing below 20th will all be given 2 points. We regret that we do not always receive full race results from the road race organisers. In this event, we will issue points up to the placings that we receive.

Position Points
1st 50
2nd 40
3rd 30
4th 25
5th 23
6th 20
7th 18
8th 16
9th 14
10th 12
11th 11
12th 10
13th 9
14th 8
15th 7
16th 6
17th 5
18th 4
19th 3
20th 2
21st onwards 2

10.  The points will be updated as soon as possible after each league race and will be posted on the website www.womenseasternracingleague.co.uk.

11. In the road league, a rider’s best six* results will count towards the end of season standings whereas in the time trial league, a riders best ten* results will count. If a rider competes in fewer than 6 or 10 events, points from the events they have competed in will still count. *Please note, this may change if there are a number of race cancellations.

12. Where there is a tie a count back will be done and the higher position will be given to the rider with the highest individual race placing.

13. A 10 mile PB time or cycling split for a triathlon will be requested of all riders entering the time trial league. If you have not taken part in a 10 mile time trial or a triathlon before, then “none” is the appropriate answer. Any rider with a PB faster than 26mins* for a 10 mile TT, 35min* 20km split or 1hour11min* 40km split will be entered into the Traditional time trial category, regardless of if you will be riding on a road bike or not. *These qualification times may be adjusted once we receive entries to ensure a good level of competition in each group, but will not change once competition starts.

14. Should a rider be found to have a PB faster than that stated on the registration form, they will automatically be disqualified from the league.

15. Elite and 1st category race licence holders from British Cycling will not be eligible for the time trial road bike category, regardless of the time trial PB.

16. Any rider participating in the time trial road bike category must use only a non-adapted road bike. No tri-bars, disc wheels, aero helmets including clip-on covers (except those allowed for road races under UCI regulations), or wheel rims deeper than 80mm will be allowed to be used in these events.

17. A rider in the road bike category of the time trial league may use an adapted bike for a league event if they contact WERL by e-mail prior to the event. The rider can then be eligible for points in the traditional category, but points are not transferable between the categories.

18. Any rider caught in breach of these rules may be disqualified from the league.

19. Whilst every effort will be made to stick to the calendar of races set out at the start of the season there may be cause to alter the schedule due to the cancellation of an event or the introduction of a new race in the region.  We therefore reserve the right to alter the race schedule at any time during the season.  Should any changes be made we will notify members via the website, the Facebook group and Twitter.

20. Any riders that are tested positive for any banned substance and are not in possession of a valid TUE (Therapeutic Use Exemptions) will be excluded from any WERL organised events, sponsorship / prizes for a period of 4 years, – the sponsors may seek to recover and prizes awarded.

21. Age categories: the junior category is open to riders aged 18 and under on the 1st January of the corresponding year. The Masters category is open to riders aged 40 and above on 1st January of the corresponding year.

22. The race categories remain valid throughout the year. A rider starting the year as a 4th category rider, will remain in the 4th category for WERL for the full season, regardless of if the rider moves up a category in the British Cycling rankings. The same works for all race categories. If a rider dominates a category, the league reserves the right to ask the rider to move up a category in order to . It remains the choice of the rider to accept this category promotion.

21. The league is run by a small committee of volunteers.  We rely on the riders in the region to make the league a success and would welcome any offers of assistance.  Please do get involved.

22. Some events will have spot prizes available. These will be advertised before the event and the winner will be drawn out of a hat after the race organiser’s prize presentation. Only league members who pre-entered the event will be eligible for spot prizes. Only riders present at the presentation will be eligible for spot prizes. This is to encourage riders to pre-enter.


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