Registering for the League

Enter the 2017 league HERE



4 thoughts on “Registering for the League

  1. What level of cyclist do you need to be to enter, for example what would an average mph required to be? What age are these races aimed at? Will they age groups? I am interested but I have never raced before, so I do not know if I am at a level that can enter. Do you need to get a British Cycling licence to enter the following?

    • Hi Berenice. The league is aimed at all levels, although the primary aim is to get more women racing, so we strongly encourage new racers to take part. As to ages – this is determined by British Cycling, so anyone who is classed as eligible to race in a senior race – over 16’s I believe, unless a dispensation is given from BC, e.g. for a youth rider. We don’t have age categories, although that might be something we consider for end of year prizes. We have had riders in the region do their first race when they are in their 50s, so it is a wide age-range.
      You will need a British Cycling race licence to enter, as this includes your race insurance. As riders are categorised by ability – starting 4th category, through to 1st and Elite, you may feel more comfortable looking out for a races restricted to 2/3/4, but that’s up to you. I can’t answer the average mph question, as it varies so much, but I suggest you come along and give it a go at one of the races. You won’t be the only new racer.

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