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We’re really pleased to announce our ongoing partnership with Perfomancecoaching.me for the 2016 season.
Jason Battle, who leads the Perfomancecoaching.me team was our guest presenter at our 2015 awards ceremony after a successful partnership with us last year.
Perfomancecoaching.me. provide training plans and coaching services for athletes from novice to pro in cycling, running and triathlon, tailor made to each athlete.
As our league partner for 2016, they are providing our coveted leaders’ jerseys for the road league, TT winners caps for the TT leagues, as well as coaching and testing packages for league winners.
On top of this, perfomancecoaching.me are offering a 1 month coaching trial for every league member that takes part in 3 or more league events this season.
Thank you Perfomancecoaching.me!
Check out their website for more information about our partner, Perfomancecoaching.me. (in case you hadn’t got it already!)


Thank you to the many organisations and individuals who supported the Women’s Eastern Racing League in 2015!

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